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MIEPS is an integration middleware facilitating interoperability, data filtering and transformation, sensor management, routing and complex event processing in IoT landscape. It is a generic solution which can be used as it is and also easily extended to meet domain specific requirements in different areas like health care, transportation, smart city.

 Based in Bangalore which is the startup capital and Silicon Valley of India:

SmartFusionware is startup company found by IT professionals, we will analyze customer's IT environment, Architecture and align to IoT, hardware/ sensors and translate them to valuable data and analytics, so that customer can focus on the challenges of their business/ building cutting edge hardware and deploying it at scale. MIEP Platform will enable manufacturers and service providers to bring connected products to the market quickly and securely in short time.

SmartFusionware Pvt Ltd, has built MIEP Iot Platform which makes the bridge between legacy , modern IT with IoT enabled devices.

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